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I don't understand the ways this solution was derived

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The inequality is actually system of 2 inequalities:

Next, we solve each inequality - we move the variables on the left hand side and all the contracts to the right hand side.

Quite often, several transformations will be performed within the same step. Use the explanation navigation buttons to step through all of them:

After doing the adding adding and subtraction on each side, solve for 'y' each of the inequalities.

For the first inequality we divide both sides by -2 (this means the inequality sign will switch from '<' to '>').

For the second inequality we divide both sides by 2 (the inequality sign stays the same).

You also might want to go to 'Options' and adjust the number of steps you want to see:

It is important to understand that if integer arithmetics is chosen, then all decimal numbers will be converted to integer fractions as part of the solution process. This may produce a solution that is long and somewhat confusing.

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