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Hi will you ever offer options for different ways to show work? There are several ways to approach these types of problems by the work is always cumbersome. This is a great program but Id love to see an option for different work methods

Answer provided by our tutors

The solvers offers one solution with altered number of steps:

  • Solution only
  • Few steps
  • Medium number of steps
  • Lot of steps

You can alter the number of steps via 'Options'. On the same screen, you can select integer or real arithmetics to be used during the solution process (e.g., x=1/2 vs. x=0.5). It is important to understand that if integer arithmetics is chosen, then all decimal numbers will be converted to integer fractions as part of the solution process. This may produce a solution that is long and somewhat confusing.

Regarding the method, there is only one method of work offered for now with a hope of adding more methods in the future as we work on the improvements. 

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