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Find the height of a cylinder that has a diameter of 12 and a volume of 1,017.9 in3

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d = 12 in is the diameter

V = 1,017.9 in^3

h = the height of the cylinder

The formula for the volume of cylinder is:


Since 'd = 2r' we can find 'r' if we solve

12 = 2r

2r = 12

r = 12/2

r = 6 in

Now, lets plug all the values into 'V=π*r^2*h' and solve for 'h':


π*6^2*h = 1,017.9

Also keep in mind that π = 3.14


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h = 9.0048 in approximately

The height of the cylinder is 9.0048 in.

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