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Graph the equation 7y-3x=-21 and identify the y-intercept

This is the question I have been stuck on for 26 hours. I have to break my work down in My mathlab and I don't understand it. If you can'tr help can I just have my money back so I can find someone that can

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Select "Graph" tab and type in the equation "7y-3x=-21".

Then, observe the graph to determine the y-intercept. 

You can also find the y-intercept if you plug "x = 0" into "7y-3x=-21" and solve for "y":

7*y - 3*0 = -21

7y = -21 divide both sides by 7

y = -21/7

y = -3

y-intercept is (0, -3)

Click here to see the graph. Remember that you can select a rectangle to zoom in.

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